Financial Aid Program

What is the NCYVL financial aid program?

At the heart of the NCYVL’s mission is the belief that the sport of volleyball should be accessible to every child who has a desire to learn and play the game, no matter their financial or demographic situation.

The NCYVL’s financial aid program provides families in need with financial support to participate in the year-round programs provided by the NCYVL.

This program is made possible by the charitable contributions of our members and financial supporters who share in our mission of bringing the sport of volleyball to our community.

How is the financial aid amount determined?

Applications are reviewed on a per-case basis and will be determined at the discretion of the NCYVL. Aid is available to cover full or partial program fees based on the individual needs of each family.

How do I apply?

Applicants must complete the Financial Aid application (click button below to begin) before the regular registration deadline.

When will I know my application has been approved?

After you have completed the financial aid application, you will be contacted by one of our staff members with your application decision. Please allow a minimum of three (3) business days for the NCYVL to process your application.

If you have any questions regarding the financial aid application process, please call our office at (919) 694-0440.